MOBer submitted haikus!

March 21, 2007

Here are a few entries in the Great Mock Orange Bikes Haiku Contest of ’07:

My first century
Legs don’t feel so bad after
Next time bring ButtR

Sitting on my bike
Not thinking of any other place
Warm air on my face

Avoiding Blackholes
Tuesdays Seven Summits Ride
Was Cut Too But Four

Me and my Orca
On our way to Lewisville
Bet you’re jealous

My bike hates the cold.
The sun helps my bike go fast.
Riding keeps me young.

Oh my god that hurt;
wheels are bent frame broke in two.
Sweet, new bike for me!

Nice work to you all. Keep ’em coming MOBers! We are taking submissions until April 15. The winner of the contest recieves $50 towards a Cyfac Postural Fit. Just remember the theme is springtime and biking. We know there are some true literary guru’s out there on the roads, so let us hear from you! Send entries to

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  1. Poets may not know
    There is no apostrophe
    In the word gurus.

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