New ride schedule starting this Saturday, March 17!

March 15, 2007


Starting this Saturday, March 17, the MOB Saturday road rides for the spring and summer season will begin. There will actually be two rides, a “B” style ride leaving at 10 and starting next Saturday, March 24, a “Women’s Ride” lead by Erika von Isenburg, at 12 noon. These rides will be great fun so come on out.

The 10 am ride will be a two and a half to three hour ride in and around the greater Winston-Salem area. North, South, East, or West, nowhere is off limits for this ride. Average pace will be between 14-16 mph. Do come prepared for at least two hours in the saddle for this one. This ride is truly a great way to kick off the weekend with some nice fresh air!

The 12 o’clock “Women’s Ride” will be lead by Erika von Isenburg. This outing will be geared toward women who like to ride and the focus will be more of a “social” one than a pure “training” type ride. This ride will alternate between road biking and mountain biking bi-weekly. The first of these rides will be a mountain bike ride at Tanglewood Park at noon on March 24. This is an excellent way to meet other women who like to go for bike rides. If you have any questions, please contact the shop.

Thanks and we’ll see you soon!

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  1. Do you all ever do rides during the week?? Looking forward to coming to a Saturday ride as well. The Womens’ Ride sounds great!

  2. Yes, we have a ride every Tuesday evening. We meet at the shop at 6pm and try to be riding by 6:15. The pace is moderate, and we go for about 15 miles.

    Please send your email address to, and we’ll make sure that you hear about all of our rides and special events.


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