SECCA CX training race #1 results

September 3, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came out to SECCA CX race #1 this past Tuesday. Much fun was had by all. Here are the results from race # 1:

(Please notify us if there are errors in scoring here)
B Race Series Points
1st Michael Tennyson 15
2nd Jeff Varner 12
3rd Andrew Ammon 10
4th Mark Jordan 8
5th Justin Joyce 7
6th Pat Tighe 6
7th Rich Melencio 5
8th Chancey Sumner 4
9th Dwayne Hunter 3
10th Mike Blankenship 2
11th Chris Verwoerdt
12th Joeff Williams
13th Austin Temple
14th Ed McKee
15th Jesse Walters
16th Bob Coghill
17th Kris Garau
A race:
1st Jon Hamblen 15
2nd Jay Cox 12
3rd Zach Lail 10
4th Sonni Dyer 8
5th Scott Miller 7
6th Baird Sills 6
7th Matt Canter 5
8th Charles Von Isenburg 4
9th Mike Blankenship 3
10th Jeremiah Dyer 2
1st Cathie Mulgrew 15
2nd Julie Paisant 12
3rd Sirena Lundsford 10
4th Lynn Berry 8
5thJody Bouroughs 7
See you this Tuesday for race 2! Start times have been amended for this week. The B race will start promptly at 6 pm and A race at 6:40 to insure plenty of daylight for racing.

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