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InstaPrint Custom Cycling Footbeds

The Foundation of a Good Bike Fit and the Importance of Proper Foot Support
Here at Mock Orange Bikes, we believe proper bicycle positioning starts from the ground up. Stabilizing the foot in the shoe is perhaps the most important step towards achieving an efficient, powerful and viable position. Improper pedaling motions most often are caused by improper alignment of the lower leg and foot. Power, strength, endurance and efficiency are compromised by poor foot and pedal alignment.  The best solution to ensure good stability is proper foot support, achieved using custom beds tailored for the individual.

Mock Orange Bikes is now one of few locations in the country offering truly custom cycling footbeds. These are not generic inserts;  we offer true custom footbeds manufactured on site by our own Zach Lail using InstaPrint products.  Custom cycling footbeds help align your body, while evenly distributing pressure and supporting your foot. The results are increases in power, comfort, endurance, and reduced joint wear.

The custom footbeds are done by appointment only, and take up to two hours. The cost is $200, $150 if done in conjunction with a fitting or cleat alignment. These products are expensive but highly durable – if you need some reassurance, Zach has been riding the same pair of footbeds for five years or around 40,000 miles!