Hybrids & Cruisers - Mock Orange Bikes

Sometimes you just want to go for a bike ride. You don’t need to race to the grocery store, around your block, to the beach, or to your place of business. Not a day goes by that you won’t find some of the MOB Staff on a hybrid or cruiser. From the European retro inspired Electra Ticino, to the ever popular Humu-Humu- Nuku-Nuku- Apua which is fashioned after some of the early mountain bikes from the 70’s, a hybrid or cruiser is often the best do all bike for many riders.

Mock Orange carries a full line of functional commuter bikes like the Asphalt Series from Kona, while Electra produces some of the coolest bikes out there for around town or beach cruisin’.

    • Bianchi
    • Electra
    • Fuji
    • Kona