Pro-Fit Bike Fitting - Mock Orange Bikes

Due to the extensive amount of time the crew here at M.O.B. has dedicated to improving a cyclists fit on the bike we have recently solidified a comprehensive fitting system we believe to be the best around. We’re talking about the Mock Orange “Pro-Fit” program.

Our new “Pro-Fit” system combines many proven fitting systems including the Cyfac Postural Fit System, Serotta Fit and Fit Kit.

Comprehensive Fitting Service.
Bicycle fitting is the meticulous understanding of the intricate human interaction with a bicycle, with the specific aim of gaining efficiency, power and comfort for every rider. Because we are concerned with optimizing human movement that is being applied to complex machinery, bicycle-fitting readily draws upon from the disciplines of ergonomics, bio-mechanics and kinesiology. In the pursuit of performance and the competitive edge, Mock Orange Bikes will always apply science, knowledge and discipline along with experience and tradition. This scientific yet artistic approach has made us exceptional in the south eastern United States and an acknowledged authority in the field of building optimum bike-to-human relationships.

What we do.
One thing we have learned during our 25 years of bicycle fitting is that there is no right or wrong way to position the rider. There are no magical formulas or secret codes to obtain the most comfortable yet efficient position. We feel that there is no one singular system or method of bike fitting that produces the perfect fit 100% of the time.

That is why we have developed our own proprietary fitting system. We have taken what we feel are the best features from several fitting systems on the market today, combined them with our years of knowledge and experience, sprinkled in a little common sense and free thinking, topped with a keen ear and an insatiable desire to help you the rider. Out of this organic simplistic philosophy a truly amazing bicycle fitting experience has been born, the “Mock Orange Pro-Fit”
When performing a fitting, we begin with an extensive interview. The point of this interview is to find out what has and has not worked for you with your current set-up, what injuries you have had, and what your cycling goals are. Your flexibility is assessed, as are your core strength and your stability—all of which are critical to determining proper position. Any bio-mechanical issues that may affect your bike set-up are examined as well, such as a leg length discrepancies and foot stability. From this assessment we can focus in on the problem areas.

The Fit
Following this evaluative process, we will work with you to obtain the best position possible to improve your position and efficiency. The positioning itself is a highly dynamic in nature, moving you through a range of positions and taking measurements in each one. The Size Cycle allows us to truly experiment with a number of positions and pinpoint the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency.

You will have your existing setup measured and recorded to be used as a baseline, which helps us assess how to best position you. Following your fitting, we record your positional coordinates and any appropriate comments and provide you with position templates. All adjustments to your bike can then be made to your bike. Finally we store your statistics in our database for future reference, tweaks and equipment changes.

Due to the comprehensive and personal nature of a fitting they must be held by appointment only.

Coming Prepared
You will need to come prepared for your Pro-Fit session. You should wear your normal riding shorts along with a “tank” style top that leaves your shoulders exposed for appropriate measurements. You will also need to bring, or take not of the type of shoes you wear, brand and model of your saddle, and brand and model of the pedals you will be riding. If we are adjusting the fit on your existing ride, you will need to bring that along, too.

At the end of the fit session we will provide your detailed measurements and schematics for your ideal frame size and build parameters for your bike in the discipline of your choice.


  • Initial Pro-Fit: $200.00
  • Bike setup: $50.00
  • Additional analysis for other disciplines (road/tri/cross/mtb): $50.00 each
  • Bike set up and adjustments prior to the fitting are done at normal shop labor rates: Labor Rates

Note: Price does not include the cost of new parts which may or may not be required to achieve stated objectives. New parts and/or labor costs are a separate and additional charge. Please consult with one of our technicians for a more detailed breakdown of what your personal fit will cost.