Road Bike Rides - Mock Orange Bikes

Whether you need to get out for a little afternoon fix or are looking for a leg buster of a ride you can pretty much cure your joneses starting from the M.O.B. headquarters. Check out these sweet rides!

Six O’Clock Quickie
This is one of the shop guys’ favorites. It’s ideal for taking your frustrations out on the bike when you are a little pressed for time. We usually hit this loop up after work just about everyday. If you are having trouble viewing this map click here.

The Mill Loop
For a bit longer jaunt, the “Mill Loop” is a trusty standby. If you have two hours this is a solid lollipop route that takes you through Lewisville, down by the Mill House, through Clemmons, and back up Country Club. If you’re having trouble viewing this map click here.

Pilot Mtn. (of course…)
We couldn’t let you leave without showing you a route to our favorite bump in the area. If you’re looking to get in a solid 3 to 3-1/2 hours with some climbing definitely try this one out. It’s just shy of a full metric century but don’t let that fool you. Again, if the map isn’t working click the link here.

Saturday Shop Ride – “A Route” – 50 Miles
This route is the traditional loop that our Saturday morning road ride likes to follow. It travels quickly out of town and heads towards some really nice roads in Davidson County. This one in particular is right at 50 miles and usually takes anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a steady pace. Visit the following link if you’re having trouble viewing the map: here

Any of these rides and routes can be found on our Mock Orange Bikes group page at To visit our group click the link here.