Closing for Vacation! We will be back on June 30, 2020!

June 18, 2020

Mock Orange Bikes June News
Be sure and note the vacation scheduled for June 22nd through June 27th!!!!!
Happy June, everyone! Hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2020 already, though that may be a good thing. We are staying super busy here at the shop, and although there is a for real shortage of bikes and many associated cycling products at this time, we are open with full hours and still have many sweet bikes on the floor. E bikes, road bikes, and full suspension bikes are well-represented, and we also have a few gravel and ‘cross bike options. We are mostly out of kids’ bikes, and more entry-level oriented models; hopefully we’ll see replenishment within 6 weeks or so.
On the service end of things, we are around 2 1/2 weeks out on repairs. We are trying to do as much on-the-spot work as we can, but there are just two of us during business hours, so please forgive us if we ask you to leave your whip with us for awhile. If you bike is generally working pretty well, we suggest maybe hanging onto it for a bit until our schedule opens up – keep it and ride it!

One last bit of exciting news, we are planning to take vacation the end of this month – this is the week of June 22nd – 27th. We will stop taking in repair bikes Saturday, June 13th as an effort to use this time off not only to take a breather, but also to speed up our turnaround time. We will be unavailable for pick-up or drop-off of any bikes during the week of the 22nd. Please plan accordingly – we don’t want to leave anyone hanging during this time period, but we need to do some housework around the shop, clean, and reorganize after what has been the busiest 3 month frenzy we’ve ever experienced! We hope everyone understands, and we promise to return June 29th with renewed vigor and enthusiasm!

We hope everyone enjoys a healthy, happy June!

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