May 8, 2007

Check out these sweet cobbles in front of the shop!

Actually, the city is doing some utility work out front and uncovered this layer of cobblestones. (We are open, of course.)Seeing these cobbles makes one think about times gone by here in the not-so-sleepy West End. Perhaps the road should be re-finished in this fashion. That would be awesome for the Hanes Park Criterium held later in the Summer!

3 Responses to “Cobbles!”

  1. thats pretty sweet r they going to keep them there?

  2. Unfortunately, no. Once the contruction is done, the cobbles will be covered again…

  3. Ahh Yesss,
    The cobbles. Gosh that brings back memories. Memories of the streetcar tracks that were also on the street, the smell of coal smoke, and of the cold grey winters in Pittsburgh, PA. Why can we not go back to a more simple time. A time before the SUV and its status symbol. A ride or race across the cobbles.!! C’est ist Tres Bien!!

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