Cold Weather Apparel Sale & Fizik Custom Saddles

February 14, 2008

Hello Friends!

I hope you all are enjoying this unexpected blast of wintry weather. Though it looks like it is already on the way out of here, it is nice to see at least a little snow here in the piedmont.

So since it is supposed to be back in the sixties by the end of the week, and in honor of this latest blast of winter, we are announcing our cold weather apparel sale! That is correct, all our apparel by Louis Garneau, Giordana, Ibex, Kona, and Bianchi is marked down by 25% from now until the end of February. This includes long sleeved jerseys, tights, shoe covers, gloves, vests, jackets, and any remaining head gear. In order to train properly this time of year, you need the right apparel. There is no better time to pick up what you need than right now at the MOB!

In other exciting news, the MOB is now set up with Fizik as a member of their custom saddle program. This is really cool in that now you can get your favorite Fizik saddle in any color combination that you would like. Why not get that sweet Arione in just the right colors to match your bike? Now you can! For a slight upcharge you can customize any model of the Fizik saddles. Visit for more information.

Also, the MOB MTB ride is back in action this weekend. The ride leaves at 9:30 on Saturday and will cruise over to Salem Lake. Also, the MOB road ride will leave at its normal time of 11 am for three hours of good winter training.

Thanks and we’ll see you soon!

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