Kona Demo Day 9/15/19 Moore Springs Trail

September 11, 2019

    Hello, everyone!   You’ve been asking for it, and here it is… Kona’s 2020 model Demo tour is underway, and Sunday September 15th it is stopping in the W-S area!   In fact, we’ve booked the usage of our favorite dirt ribbons up at Moore’s Spring Trails, so it should be a great stage to test out Kona’s highly acclaimed lineup of dirt-shredders.  We will have the newly re-released Process 134 there – the Process line is Kona’s do-all, smile-provoking, highly capable series of trail bike…. it is truly a bike that can tackle any terrain;  whether the mellow flow of highly groomed singletrack at Lake Norman, to the rough-and-tumble boulder fields of Pisgah, the 134 will push its rider to new limits.   The 134 is available in 2 different wheel sizes, and 2 different frame materials, so there is a 134 for anyone.  Of course, the Process 153, Hei Hei, Satori, and Honzo bikes will be available to test as well.  These staples of the Kona line up are proven as some of the best mountain bikes available today.

   This event will run Sunday, September 15th from 12pm until 5pm.  Please bring your riding gear, ID, and a credit card – there is no fee for the event, but we’ll need those items for identification sake.  It should be great conditions for riding on Sunday, so please come out and spin some sweet Kona bikes around the fantastic trails at MST!

   Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday the 15th! 



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