SECCA CX Round 1 Results 9/11

September 15, 2014

Thanks to all that came out! We try are hardest to produce accurate results, but keep in mind it is just a practice race. If there are any changes or omissions please let us know. Thanks for coming out!

A Race Column1
1st Patrice Beeson
2nd Justin McLean
3rd Alan Starnes
4th Trent Blackburn
5th Robb Peterson
6th Travis Beane
7th Zach Lail
8th BC Roberts
9th Mark Heckman
10th Trey Wofford
11th Jeremy Edwards
12th Alan Tripp
13th John Adams
14th Daryl Rains
15th Hampton Howell
16th Matt Chambers
17th Tyler N Graf
18th Stephen Vogel
19th Chris Culp
B Race
1st Mitch Hopkins
2nd John Adams
3rd Brandon Hicks
4th Carl Peltzer
5th Chris Hilton
6th Paul Armfield
7th Andy Evans
8th Stony Sanders
9th Chris Culp
10th Josh Miller
11th Brad Johnson
12th Chancey Summner
13th Chett Hopkins
14th Corbilt Bourne
15th Kirk Champney
16th Dan Allen
17th Mark Frarentrue
18th Rob Libbert
19th Michael Chappell
20th Sayrd Price
21st Scott Richardson
22nd Earl Anderson
23rd Dylan Cardwell
24th Treveor Hughes
25th Curtis Kiser
26th Craig Inscore
27th Fred Perrino
28th TR Hash
C Race
1st Doug Meis
2nd Shea Abernathy
3rd Tyler Meis
4th Adam Fernbach
5th Steven Nelson
6th Dylan Richardson
7th Keith Coalson
8th Jack Miller
9th Mark Archenbault
10th Chris Enloe
11th Paul Ruemmiler
12th David Wier
13th David Reimche
14th Diego Dunn
15th Mike Dunn
1st Kimberly Flynn
2nd Miki Kedo
3rd Abdrea Tardos
4th Kara Holden
5th Lori Warlick
6th Anne Sumner
7th Antoinette DeLucia
8th Kathleen Antares
9th Marianne Holt
10th Adrienne Fletcher


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