Tune Up Special

January 7, 2009

Hello Friends,

Happy New Year!

It was nice to see so many familiar faces at race 2 of the NC Winter Cyclocross Series held at SECCA last weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate or spectate. You can view some pics from the event here. You can find more information about North Carolina ‘Cross at www.nccyclocross.com.

The Mock Orange Service Department has a very special announcement this week: beginning Saturday, January 10 and ending Tuesday, February 10, standard bicycle tune-ups will be offered at half of the normal price of $55. That is correct ladies and gentleman; tune-ups for $27.50 from the 10th to the 10th! Bikes that come in after Tuesday, February 10 will be back up to the normal $55 rate. Take advantage of this special pricing and get that springtime tune-up a little early this year! A standard tune-up includes adjusting the front and rear derailleurs, adjusting the brakes, truing the wheels, tightening fittings, and lubricating the drive train.

The Mock Orange Saturday morning road ride leaves the shop at 10 am each Saturday for three hours of winter training. There is both an “A” and “B” group for this ride, so come on out on Saturday for some nice fresh air! Also, the Monday night “Unhappy Hour” is rolling along. Each Monday evening at 6pm through February we will continue the indoor trainer sessions. Throw your bike, your trainer, and some water in the car and come on down! And, by popular demand, the Wednesday night Salem Lake CX ride will re-emerge from its holiday hiatus this evening. Come join us for a lap or two around the lake. We shall depart at 6:15 from the shop, weather permitting of course.

Thanks and we’ll see you soon!

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